Alberta is quite a beautiful province of Canada, and it is the fourth largest province, both area-wise and population-wise. The richest dinosaur fossils are found here in Dinosaur Provincial Park, which is a UNESCO world heritage site. You can enjoy your mushrooms while viewing some of the beautiful places in Jasper, Banff, the Rocky Mountains, and Lake Louise.

If you are more into urban places as you feel they offer something different, you can experience that as well. For these people, there are certain urban centers, such as Edmonton and Calgary, along with the usual events and festivals.

Buying magic mushroom in Edmonton

The provincial capital of Alberta is Edmonton, and this city is the second largest city in the entire province. If you are into festivals and want to try mushrooms from Magic Mushroom Dispensary, then you are in luck because it offers a lot of festivals all year round and is known as Canada’s Festival City.

The world’s largest mall from the year 1981 to 2004 is also located in Edmonton, West Edmonton Mall, which is still pretty huge and is ready to fulfill your desire. There are approximately 800 stores and services available in this mall so spending multiple days here would feel like a new experience every time. 

You can buy magic mushrooms and explore the city of Edmonton as this place has a lot to offer. Along with some exquisite parks, there is also the Royal Alberta Museum and the Art Gallery of Alberta, and if you are a fan of hockey like most Canadians, then you can also watch Edmonton Oilers hockey games. Unlike the rest of Canada, this is the sunniest city, so get ready to sundress up because Edmonton is the place to get rid of your winter blues.

Buying magic mushroom in Calgary

Calgary is the biggest city in Alberta (area-wise), and this place is famous for the “Calgary Stampede”. If you are in Edmonton, then it will only take you three hours to drive to Calgary, and you can enjoy this 10-day event which is held in the summer. You are sure to enjoy this world-famous rodeo, which is one of the largest events there.

Calgary offers some amazing places for you to visit on your next mushroom journey, such as Calgary Tower, shop at the year-round farmer’s market, watch a Calgary Flames hockey game, check out the zoo, or visit one of the many parks. Buy magic mushrooms online from Magic Mushroom Dispensary to have more fun because, like the entire province of Alberta, Calgary is also very sunny, so you are sure to double the fun.

Buying magic mushroom in Red Deer

Red Deer is the third most populated place in the entire province of Alberta, and it is located in the middle of Calgary and Edmonton, so this makes it the perfect place to visit any place in a safe travelling time. This place is gorgeous, and with the warm weather, you are sure to take your mushrooms and have fun in this beautiful place in Red Deer.

This place offers indoor and outdoor activities that are sure to keep you occupied for your entire journey. Some of these places are Bower Ponds, Kerry Wood Nature Centre, Discovery Canyon, the Farmer’s Market, Alberta Sports Hall of Fame, and the Red Deer Museum and Art Gallery. These are some of the places that will keep you entertained in both indoor and outdoor activities, so come to Red Deer with your friends or family.

Buying magic mushroom in Lethbridge

Lethbridge is located in southern Alberta, which is about a 2-hour drive southeast of Calgary. Your social media account is getting a picturesque makeover with its the well-known Rocky Mountains nearby. Lethbridge is an all-season destination that offers everything, whether you have decided to visit here in summer or in winter.

 After you’ve consumed your magic mushrooms from the Magic Mushroom Dispensary, you may visit the city’s various parks, as this place has some exquisite parks, such as Nikka Yuko Japanese Gardens, Henderson Lake Park, Elizabeth Hall Wetlands, and many others. Look no farther than Lethbridge, Alberta, for a beautiful, sunny Canadian city to visit.

Buying magic mushrooms in Banff

Banff is a well-known tourist destination not only in Alberta but throughout Canada. This resort town has a small population, and people love to visit this place mostly because of its relaxing hot springs or some beautiful mountains surrounding it, which is a great place to visit with your friends and enjoy your magic mushrooms.

Banff is not that far from Calgary, as both of these places are at a distance of 90 minutes. This place offers natural beauty, as you will see the ride of a gondola, beautiful lakes, a glacier skywalk, and much more. If you are searching for a perfect vacation spot, then your search will end at Banff because this place is perfect for relaxing, having fun, and, most importantly, enjoying your magic mushrooms.

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