Shipping policy

Ensuring that your products arrive at the stipulated time and in a safe manner is what we guarantee at Magic Mushroom Dispensary. All package delivery will be carried out as discreetly as possible. The package will not be boldly labeled with the content being delivered.

We will make sure your package arrives safely. An environmentally friendly packaging will be adopted. A durable plastic bag will be used to pack your product, it will arrive just as you want it.

If you receive a damaged product, you have the right to reach out to us within 7 days after receiving your package, we will investigate the situation immediately. The management department will dutifully review complaints and attend appropriately whether with a credit or replacement product. Only those who have a case of a defective product can get a replacement. On a case-by-case basis, Origin has the authority to decide the right compensation whether replacement or credit.

It takes around 3 months (90 days) for the credit to expire. These credits are given in form of coupon codes, and each code can be used just once. The credit should be fully used if not the remaining will be rendered invalid. Origin cannot issue another coupon code to overwrite the remaining credit.

Our packages are shipped via a secure and trackable medium. In case of any package going missing or getting damaged, we will take every necessary measure to right the situation. Whether investigating the shipping courier, refunding the order, crediting, or replacing we will right the wrong.

We are confident about our product, but in a case where a customer doesn’t seem satisfied with any order, we may offer the chance to return the order. If for any reason your order was wrongly delivered or a defective product was delivered, we will take responsibility for the shipping cost to return the order. If a customer seems unsatisfied for some other reason beyond this, we may provide the customer with a refund, but the customer will be taking care of all the shipping costs for returning the package.

Should any product gets missing or out of stock before your order is being shipped, we will give prior notice so you can adjust your order. We will try to reach out to such customers for around 3 days. On the third day, a closely matched product will be chosen. If the contact can’t be made with such a customer, credit/refund will not be offered for any closely matched product chosen as a replacement.

MMD ships only to the checkout address. If the address used to checkout is incorrect, it will lead to a delay in shipping and also incur an additional fee for shipping. MMD has the authority to charge customers an additional fee to re-ship any package for reasons such as incorrect address used for checking out.

Quality Control

At Magic Mushroom Dispensary, we take adequate steps to ensure our products being delivered to customers are of the best quality. We make use of the necessary safety gear like disinfected gloves when handling our products. We also take time to sanitize shrooms as this is very important. As much as the shrooms trip is fascinating, fungi growing on shrooms is not something you’d like. Also, you’d have a piece of firsthand evidence that the package you are receiving is well taken care of. This will be evident due to the airtight plastic bag used for packing your product. If you feel your package has been tampered with before delivery do well to reach out to us.

Discreet Packaging

We respect that you may want to avoid drawing attention towards your orders, for that we make our deliveries as discreet as possible. There will be no form of branding on the outer package of your products that could be a hint of what is inside the package. Only products inside your package will have our branding “Magic Mushroom Dispensary”. In case of a return, we have our address printed on the outside of your package. You need not worry about prying family, friends, or even landlords.

Different Payment Methods are Accepted.

To enable easier payments, we accept bitcoin, or even e-transfer payments. Once we receive your payment and it has been approved, we send you the package right away. Date of payment approvals tend to be different. It can take up to 48 hours on weekends and 24 hours on weekdays. These payment methods ensure that your transactions are carried out discreetly.

Quick Delivery

We are sure you want your shroom product delivered as fast as possible. We take this to heart and ship all our delivery packages through Canada post priority shipping.  Your products can get to you within 1 to 3 working days. If your order comes in before 1 pm PST Monday to Friday, we send your package out immediately that very day. We provide free shipping or low shipping rates for orders around $99+. Have it in mind that it is safe to get your shrooms delivered to you online than you meeting with a vendor. Relax, your top-quality Magic Mushroom Dispensary product will get to your doorstep in due time.