Fears, Misconceptions and Risks

Fears, Misconceptions and Risks

We at Magic Mushrooms Dispensary fully grasp the importance of safety and comfort for everyone who uses our product and for them to use them effectively, we need to be candid and tell the truth about the products. This is why we’ve come to publicly address the misconceptions and fears about it while also recognising imminent misgiving. 

“Magic mushrooms can kill and are poisonous.”

The most precarious attribute Magic mushrooms have is that are often called poisonous. 

In our world today, 100 different varieties of psilocybin mushrooms exist and they are all not poisonous and are non-toxic. Some strains however can look toxic hence the need to get your shrooms from a source that is tested and trusted. 

“Magic mushrooms can cause addiction.”

No, they are not additive. Health Canada equally agrees.

“Magic mushrooms cause depression and anxiety.”

No. Using magic mushrooms will not give you any of these. 

Now that we’re done with that, let’s discuss “bad trips”.  Your friends may have traded stories and experiences with you about feeling uncomfortable when they used magic mushrooms. While it’s important to note that these shrooms may not have given them the best feeling, this doesn’t mean it’s outright bad. 

study proved that when 84% of the participants were interviewed six months after experiencing a “bad trip,” about 76% of them said the experience had given them a truly satisfying experience and an improvement in their lives. Almost half of the study participants said they would love to relive their experience again. All participants were integrated to make sure the unpleasant experience was changed into a great opportunity to learn.

Guiding your trip is needed to help you prepare for your trip. If you’re not feeling confident about the following listed below, then using increased doses of magic mushrooms is not recommended. You’re advised to stick to a micro-dose.

  • Make sure you’re in the right frame of mind and body. 
  • Have an aim in mind — what exactly are you looking to achieve from that trip?
  • Watch your doses and carry your comprehensive research on the kinds of doses and their potential effects. 

After your trip either pleasant or uncomfortable, make sure to find out where these feelings are coming from. By gaining awareness and bringing it to the source of these emotions, you might be able to include the lessons from your experiences in your daily growth. 

“Using magic mushrooms might give you a psychotic break.”

Studies have been carried out and found out there’s no link whatsoever between psychosis and psychedelics. In the first study, researchers discovered that those who used psychedelics were not in any way at increased risk of getting psychosis or schizophrenia and any other out of the 11 determinants of mental health issues. The second study equally had similar results. 

Magic Mushrooms have a compound known as psilocybin. This compound when taken is further converted into psilocin. This, in turn, triggers the serotonin receptors working in your brain this activating visions, altering your perceptions of time and space, triggering hallucinations and giving you a sense of euphoria. Though there is a lot to reveal after such an experience, you can be sure that all evidence proves that these mushrooms will not make you have a psychotic break. 

“Magic mushrooms grow on a cow’s dung.”

Of course, they can. One general misconception about this mushroom is that they are only grown there which is not so. At Magic Mushrooms Dispensary, we guarantee that our mushrooms are grown by using organic substances like sawdust. To make it rich, we also use coffee grounds already recycled and donated by the local coffee shops around. These grounds are wonderful supplants for the psilocybe cubensis fungi to thrive.