Take a Closer Look at a Familiar Shroom

Take a Closer Look at a Familiar Shroom

Psilocybin cubensis is one of the famous members of the magic mushrooms and is quite dosed by people from every region of the earth. Psilocybin is a member of the fungus family, Hymenogastraceae having many characteristics, while its ruggedness and easy dispersion have a say as to why this has become very famous. Well, they are very easy to cultivate with no undue stress, neither do you have to be a botanist to accomplish that.

Psilocybin and psilocin are the main constituting compounds that produce the associated psychotropic effects. These two compounds are indole alkaloids gotten from tryptamine with strength against counter activities at the 5-HT receptors. This is obvious from research updates.

Where does it grow?

Psilocybin cubensis grows in dung—especially the dung of very big herbivores like cows. To give a dog a good name, they are called coprophilic fungus which is quite a fanciful alias for dung-grown fungus. It is advised not to eat anything growing within or under cow pies even though there is little information confirming the stance this fungus grows under cow pies. On the flip, psilocybe cubensis preferably on tropical and subtropical zones or even humid grasslands.

What is In Its Name?

The name Psilocybe cubensis connects with the physical appearance of the plant. Originating from a Greco-Latin origin, it is the blend of two words psilos (bare) and Kube (head) which means bald head. This is because the countenance of the cap comes like a bald head. On the flip side, the cubensis aspect is derived from Cuba where the plant was first identified (Stropharia cubensis) in 1904.

For many centuries, it has been cultivated and called the “Mexican mushroom.” This is because its entrance into the obvious western society was through Mexico. This species stands out in the family and is in fact, the most enquired in the family.

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A Long and Fruitful History

The word long here isn’t generic, it records a specific time spanning over 15,000 years. The cattle and human remains reveal succinct pieces of evidence Psilocybe cubensis wasn’t a strange plant to the people of Non-Nak Tha of Thailand at that time, a report by McKenna in 1992 suggests so.

In the Central American tribes, Psilocybe cubensis is used for both recreational intents and also for spiritual activities. The Mixtec and Aztecs used these magic mushrooms also, and this is indicated on several stone sculptures in their region. Whether the ancient tribes or the recent ones, both civilizations revealed the sculptural attributes of deities related to these fungi. In the long run, the invaders from Spain gave a stop to the use of hallucinogenic mushrooms. You can get some of those shrooms online at our dispensary in Canada

In 1957, Gordon Wasson discovered again the cultural adoption of Psilocybe cubensis in some parts of Mexico. An article on Life magazine published an article with the heading; “seeking the magic mushroom”. The article did a whole job of introducing hallucinogenic mushrooms to society (this was in the same year as Gordon’s discovery). Following the publication, Gordon also published his discoveries in the “This Week” magazine.

A Look at Psilocybe Cubensis

The Cap

When tender, this fungus has a bell-shaped cap within the 1.5 and 1.8cm diameter range while the cap evolves due to growth. It becomes convex after a while with a very plane shape. When there is no moisture in the cap, it becomes smooth but is very sticky when in the wet state. On the other side, the cap of this fungi has a wide range of colors; from cinnamon brown to white, and may even tend to be yellowish while the presence of blue or even blue-green denotes or confirms a psilocybin mushroom.

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The Stipe 

The stem of a mushroom is also known as its stipe. It can be 4 to 15cm long and 0.4 50 1.5com in diameter. This diameter in thickness can be the same thing along the entire stipe length but in some instances, be thicker than that at the bottom with a light tan or faint yellow. Associated with mushrooms is the fact that they give off blue or blue-green coloration when struck revealing that it is a magic mushroom.

The Gills

Like ribs, the gills are found beneath the baldhead cap of the psilocybe cubensis mushroom. In the early stage of growth, the gills are not growing separately as a part of the mushroom but as a narrow attachment to the stipe. While the mushrooms reach a developmental stage, the gills are noticed to separate obviously from the stipe of the psilocybe cubensis.

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A Descent Dose

Dosing psilocybin of about 4 to 8 grams is noted to be the proper dose. Note that Psilocybin is the working ingredient in Psilocybe cubensis. As you observed, we didn’t mention the mushroom itself but psilocybin as a compound. This is because magic mushrooms are made up of about 90% water. On the flip, for fresh and hydrated mushrooms, below is the scale that is widely allowed:

  • Dose with 5 to 10 grams for a light trip,
  • While an average trip experience, take between 15 to 25 grams,
  • And for a strong and euphoric trip, take 30 to 35 grams.

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It is more tricky and dicey for a dried mushroom, a different route altogether. Until now, there has been no conclusive or reliable technique for dosing it. Your experience over time and obviously, your confidence can be your guide with this species. As said earlier, you should be very thoughtful and cautious when dosing on magic mushrooms as your mood or frame of mind can be deceptive.

When it comes to knowing firm details about this species, it is important to be cautious also while taking them. Identifying it is one thing but being able to dose properly based on strength and technical know-how is a real thing also as overdose can make one heady and probably lose balance for a while.

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