The Lemon Tek Trip

The Lemon Tek Trip

Shorter but stronger trips are the hallmark of Lemon Tekking. Psilocybin dozers attribute it to be quite better than letting psilocybin mushrooms soak in citrus (lime or lemon) for over 20minutes before consumption. It is quite interesting that while the trip is more concentrated, it only lasts for a short duration and is better compared to dosing dried mushrooms without lime or lemon.

Lemon Tekking simulates the stomach’s acidic breakdown zone, and connectedly, gives off psilocybin before its ingestion. While this may be a tending route to follow, experienced psilocybin users who also have an interest in dosing for a stronger effect while reducing nausea and the heaviness sensation coupled with an altered experience, see this as a route. This is believed to explain the accelerated effect of Lemon Tekking.

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Prepare Your Lemon Tek

Below is a full detail of the necessary ingredients, tools, and process for doing your Lemon Tek. Going through it, you’ll confirm it is very simple or say, basic.


• A dose of truffles derived from magic mushrooms

• about 2 or 3 content of lemon juice in every dose, while it is quite optional to use water


• A Glass as in cup or bowl

• A good coffee grinder

• You can use a cheesecloth or filter paper to remove truffles or debris.

The Process:

• The dried magic mushroom dose should be prepared or converted into a powdery form and as smooth as possible. This can be done with either a knife or a coffee grinder. The concept is to fully use the opened surface area of the mushrooms. It is believed that the coffee grinder is most suitable for this.

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• Bring out the juice from the limes or lemons, and the juice should be poured on the powdery mushroom. Albeit, make sure that the juice is enough to soak the powdery shrooms. Let it soak for over 20 minutes thereabouts while it is being stirred in 5 minutes intervals.

It is noteworthy that for psilocybin to break down into psilocin, followed by oxidization that leads to the psilocin being broken down, there is a time frame and therefore, it can’t be allowed to be soaked for a very long period.

• This next step can be chosen or left out of the process. Filter the lemon juice via filter paper or cheesecloth. This should just give you the juice with no mushroom content or chitin material. This particular process relieves you of nausea that comes with dosing with chitin presence or any fiber content of mushrooms. But bear in mind that there are associated risks of losing the dosing potency.

• Adding water or lukewarm and temperate tea is a choice at this stage. This is to enable you to sip it like tea and not take it as shots.

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The Lemon Tek Dose

While there is a distinction in results, most dosers think lemon Tekking has a far higher intensity in experience than the regulars. This makes it tedious to depict the dose of mushrooms one can use without being overdosed. Nice to say that if you’re new to dosing magic mushrooms, you should resume using dried mushrooms as it will help you first understand the glaring effects of psilocybin before trying to improve their performance.

Several things can be considered while assessing the effects of lemon Tekking on psilocybin. Some of these are; its significance, the nature of experience, how quickly its maximum effect is reached, the duration of experience, and other parameters. There is also dependence on whether the doser has eaten or not, moods, kind of mushroom dosed, and the dosage is taken.

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Lemon Tekking is a Good Way to Microdose

As defined, microdosing is dosing small amounts of psychedelics within a specific timeframe. The purpose of microdosing is not to get the aura or get high, but to spark up your sensitivity awareness. Once you have been able to decide based on experience your dosage level, and taking into account the effect of Lemon tekking– this route is very efficient.

Lemon Tek vs Tea

Right to say; the purpose of taking magic mushroom tea is to have a better controlled and relaxed experience while Lemon tekking is for those that want to have a stronger and impacting experience. Interestingly, both methods reduce nausea drastically, and to another level, the not-so-funny taste. You can engage both as in a lemon-flavored tea.

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Anything New

If it is your first time taking magic mushrooms, it is advisable to engage the services of a trip sitter. Consistent with anything new in the world of psychedelic mushrooms, it is good to be aware of what you are getting into. Lemon tekking births new experiences and reduces nausea.

Lemon Tekking is quite an interesting concept in dosing psychedelics as it provides a controlled and relaxed experience of shrooms dosing. While this is quite important, newbies should engage the services of trip sitters while experts or more experienced should carefully go through the press of psychedelics without undermining the effect of psychedelics.

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